Live Nation acquires HARD Events

Source: My Music Is Better Than Yours

Live Nation Entertainment, a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), may be a familiar brand amongst anybody who has bought tickets for a concert online in the past few years. The company, which is a mergence of Ticketmaster and Live Nation, is growing at a rapid speed – a speed that almost exemplifies the rate at which electronic dance music has taken off.

Now, a company that helps promote concerts that are growing at such a rate in a time of dwindling rock concerts and diminishing hip-hop appeal, is not a company that is unaware of the exploding EDM scene. For a good amount of time, electronic dance music, to most, has been a diamond in the rough. Lately however, the experience in a nut-shell is eye opening. The people, the environment, and the music have combined to create a new place for the evolution of both concerts and music festivals, as well as many other creative events. Like most good things, EDM had gone unnoticed, but now this “diamond” and its potential profits have become more and more apparent to the rest of the world. The reasons for being interested in this genre of music differ from case to case but, in the most recent case involving Live Nation Entertainment and HARD Events, the promotional company that hosted HOLY SHIP!, Live Nation Entertainment seemed to be very interested – eventually buying out the company for an undisclosed amount. Similar transactions are starting to become more commonplace, as an American media mogul recently snatched up Disco Productions earlier this month. This could possibly be because they recognize and can relate to the uniqueness and genuineness of our genre, or more than likely, this could just be yet another business venture for the guys on Wall Street. You be the judge.

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